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   Have you ever wondered what the fundamental difference is between one business that achieves extraordinary growth, and another that struggles for a breakthrough? You’ll find the answers are simple but critical to your ultimate success.

   This brand new book "How To Fill Your Small Business With Non-Stop Customers, Money, Success And Growth" will show how you can apply to your business the powerful techniques that are skyrocketing sales and profits in hundreds of businesses just like yours.

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   This book is selling on Amazon for £9.97 - but as a part of a marketing experiment, you can reserve your free copy right now. It's an 80 page quick-read paperback and is packed with profitable business success, positioning, and marketing principles...

What This Book Can Do For You...

   You'll be shown a no-nonsense and specific approach to learning the most powerful business-building and success strategies and principles ever uncovered.

This is just some of what you'll discover:

arrow How to take total control of your business – and increase its results!
arrow The greatest success principles of all time – when you adopt these and apply them to every area of your life and business it's virtually impossible to fail.
arrow How 99 out of 100 businesses fail to reach their potential because they overlook the single most important purpose of their business.
arrow The most powerful formula that keeps you and your business on track and heading in the right direction.
arrow The lifeblood of every business and why it is your first priority to look after it.
arrow The secret to exponential growth - apply this to your business and your sales and profits will soar through the roof.
arrow How to surround yourself with extraordinary people and why they will catapult your business to the top.
arrow The single most important thing that you must do to help your staff become exceptional.
arrow The golden rules of customer targeting that will increase your sales.
arrow Why you must specialise to achieve outstanding growth.
arrow Plus much, much, more…

 Let this book be your guide to greater business success and wealth.

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About The Authors...Paul Gunter & Andrew Shorten

   Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten are driven to show serious-minded entrepreneurs how virtually any small business holds the potential to exponentially grow and become abundantly rich.

   They both possess an inherent ability to identify rapid and substantial opportunity in virtually every business they look at and work with.

   They show that when you understand how to optimise every activity your business performs, and when you discover how to ethically influence customers or clients in their droves to buy from you - rather than your less savvy and knowledgeable competitors - you can soon dominate your marketplace. Then you can build a business that not only becomes the obvious choice for your customers to buy from, but rewards you in rapid and large financial returns.


Here Are SOME Comments About This Breakthrough book...

Johnathan Jay "Paul and Andrew really get under the skin of what makes a great business tick; they understand that so much about it is attitude - towards your customers, towards marketing and towards yourself.
A recommended read."

Jonathan Jay

Bob Fox "In this book, Paul and Andrew set forth simple, yet essential and very powerful business principles that work! Success in business is about your customers and not about you! Passion and attitude are key! And a positive cash flow is of utmost importance! These are just a few of the ‘gems’ you will learn in this easy to read book.

Although our business efforts have been quite successful, as a former public school teacher I’ve never taken a business or marketing course in my life. Our principles have been guided by personal experience, instinct and building positive relationships.

It’s great to be reaffirmed that we’ve been doing the right things! ‘Stacks and stacks’ of thanks to Paul and Andrew for their inspiring book!"

Bob Fox
Founder and President
Speed Stacks, Inc. SpeedStacks.com

Ed Rivis "Paul and Andrew have identified the seven areas that make or break business - and yet which so few small businesses ever get right. The shocking statistics they reveal highlight this sad fact.

If your business isn't living up to expectations, if your cash flow isn't flowing, and if you find it hard to attract new customers or clients and generate streams of ongoing sales, then I strongly urge you to buy this powerful yet quick-to-read book and discover seven of the most important lessons you'll ever learn as an entrepreneur."

Ed Rivis
Author of The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy

Carol Anne Strange "Whether you're thinking about starting a business or are currently struggling to make your venture a success, this book will set you on the right path. Based on timeless wisdom and inside knowledge, Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten deliver an indispensable book. Though succinctly written (the benefit being you can read this in your lunch break), they share a wealth of insights that could seriously increase your fortunes! Highly recommended!"

Carol Anne Strange
Author of `How to Start and Run An Internet Business'

Nick James "I found "How To Fill Your Small Business With Non-Stop Customers, Money, Success And Growth" a very interesting and informative read that had me nodding my head in agreement the whole way through, in fact my copy of the book now has underlines and markings where I made my own notes.

This book is from two entrepreneurs whom have actually been there and done it and not just written a book full of theory and hypothetical situations.

Chapter 2 certainly struck a chord with me and the quote on page 19 from Henry Ford raised a smile.

I highly recommend this book for anyone considering going into business for themselves or if already in business - it is a must read if you are thinking about taking your business to the next level."

Nick James

Diane Johnston "Paul and Andrew have managed to simplify what can be a complex subject and the result is a fantastic overview of what it takes to succeed in business. Information on a variety of topics, some of which are so often overlooked by other 'business authors', including the importance of prosperity consciousness, why your business must provide extraordinary customer service and why you need a gameplan not a business plan.

In today’s world it takes more than traditional business skills to succeed and this book can help you achieve your 'game plan' fast."

Diane Johnston

Lucy Whittington "Paul and Andrew share fundamental keys to business success in this book. Whether you are starting out or already running your own small business, they explain why its vital that you understand what your focus should be (customers) and what it should not be (money).

Success in business comes from knowing what you want to achieve, having the mindset to achieve it but above all knowing that its your customers who will ultimately make your business successful and not you. Paul and Andrew clearly demonstrate in their book how success is entirely achievable for every small business owner in simple, to-the-point advice.

If you want your small business to be successful I suggest you read it today."

Lucy Whittington

Dr. Faiz Kermani "If you want to give your business momentum and are on the lookout for new ideas to bring about change then you are taking the first step by reading this book. Paul and Andrew have outlined the ideas to make any business successful and ones that can be applied to any industry. Best of all they show you that by having a passion for your business you will have the greatest chance of succeeding!"

Dr. Faiz Kermani

Wendy Dashwood-Quick "Paul and Andrew are right on the money with this book. If you follow their instructions you won’t go far wrong."

Wendy Dashwood-Quick
Personal Development and Career Coach

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"The book condenses a great deal of common sense and both business and personal acumen into a highly digestible and easily read form. Not all of it will apply to all businesses, but one can extract those gems which apply to your own activities whatever they may be.

Employ the gems contained in this book and increase your chances of success.

Highly recommended. "

Richard Dodd
CD Music Services

"Paul and Andrew's book is a quick and very worthwhile read - stuff I know but forget to put into practice as well as great new ideas that have enabled me to seize the opportunites that are out there and to build my business. And because it's short and punchy, I can come back to it for a refresher whenever I need it - thanks guys - it's been inspiring!"

Heather Barrie

Polly Rae "I have been running my own company for the past 3 years with very little experience or knowledge on how to run a business well. I have relied simply on the confidence that the product is good. Needless to say, it wasn’t thriving.

I gained more insight into how to successfully run a business in the few hours it took me to read this book than in the 3 years of on the job experience!

Paul and Andrew’s strategies are clear, concise, informative, interesting and most importantly, effective.

I have already implemented an enormous amount of input from the book and can already see an improvement, whether that be from a marketing perspective, immensely improving customer relations or an increase in revenue.

It is a short read but it is packed full of hints and tips that will help any business, new or old."

Polly Rae
Founder of Hurly Burly - HurlyBurlyUK.co.uk

"I really enjoyed reading Paul and Andrew's business book. I wholeheartedly agree with everything in their book and have been doing everything they recommend since I started my website only one year ago.

As proof, if it were needed, that what they say works, is the fact that I built the website myself (as I think is obvious!) and I have always put my customer's first.

To back up what Paul and Andrew state with regard to this, my customer's come back and purchase again, within a couple of days! In fact today, I have received an email from a customer that bought two t-shirts and was so happy she has just bought another 2 for her extended family!

I highly recommend Paul and Andrew's book as it is full of straight to the point, easy to follow ideas for building your business."

Pauline Adams
PPJ Banners 'N' Qualitee Shirts - TeesOnline.co.uk

Tracey Catherine Hurst "It is a fantastic read, and I think it really brought it home to me just how important our customers are.

Since reading your book I have redesigned my whole website and products to reflect what the customer really want rather than what I want.

Already I am starting to see an increase in interest in my business, so I know that the advice in your book will benefit me and my business as well as my customers for years to come.

A recommended read for anyone in business who wants to maximise profits! "

Tracey Catherine Hurst

"This book contains a wealth of information for all business owners, from start-ups to experienced. I have run several businesses over the years, yet found many new ideas in this book. I had a general feeling there was something more I could do for retaining my customer base, but had not solidified a plan. With the help of this book, I came up with a winning strategy that delighted my customers and my bottom line."

Christina Sherrod
Sherrod Enterprises - CraftAndFabricLinks.com

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